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ETA Visa Services Australia

Welcome to an overview of our company and why you will find our online service much better than any of the other websites selling Australian ETA travel Visas.

Since October 2000 we have been helping people with their travel visa requirements for visiting Australia. Each ETA Visa is valid for 12 months (unless passport expires or is lost) and covers Business, Visitor and Tourist visas.

Excellent Customer Service

All applications must be first manually checked by a staff member before they are allowed to be processed. This catches over 98% of mistakes.

We call hundreds of people every day to assist them with their applications, usually these people are over 40 and have dyslexic fingers around computers and need assistance with their online ETA Visa applications.

Over 30% Mistakes

Did you know that over 30% of applications have mistakes with almost 90% of these being made by men.

With every other company, if you make a mistake, you must re-apply and pay again.

Not us, we will fix the mistake for FREE for you IF you notify us within 24 hours from the time you applied for the Eta Visa. After 24 hours another processing fee applies.

Easy to use Application Form

Our online application form is in big text size and colour segmented so that you can easily see when you have filled in each section.

We also list helpful hints, clearly displayed and easy to read on the page to assist you.

Why use our services ?

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